Mark Schoorl                       last update 6 februari 2015


Mark Schoorl

P.O. Box 1072

5004 BB Tilburg



It was a pleasure to work with and for Mark. In business, he is very ambitious, accurate, hands-on and progressive. He is innovative and open to and curious for new ideas and strategies

Annefloor Samsom, Social Media Expert, Maxshopping
reported to Mark at Schoorl Group

This is my personal recommendation for Mark Schoorl. Besides being a joy to work with, Mark is a take-charge, people person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits for the organization. He has contributed many efforts to several marketing plans and actions for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. I highly recommend Mark as a manager or consultant for strategic marketing cases. His creative skills to make recommendations on new marketing approaches would make a great asset to any organization. Yours sincerely Irma Huis in ‘t Veld Marketing and communications

Irma Huis in 't veld , Marketing and Communication , VDD IQware
worked directly with Mark at VDD

I know Mark as a no-nonsense person who can balance between fun and work ethics. He is elquated and able to adress the right arguments when talking to customers. He understands what's importent to businesses and businessdrivers and always will keep his promises. I'm glad in working with him in developing new markets.

David Donkers, Owner, Enterprise IT Solutions
was with another company when working with Mark at VDD

Mark has excellent sales skills, and has a nice way to work with partners and co-workers.

Paul Reinieren, IT Consultant, LCI
worked directly with Mark at Prodata Systems

I worked together with Mark Schoorl in 1999 till 2001. During the last year, we have managed a business unit within the LCI Group. Mark is always focused on profitability, no nonsense and a structured way of working. When we were both appointed as business unit managers of LCI Compudata, we made this distribution entity profitable in the very next full quarter we operated independently. After having reorganized this LCI department, Mark went on to LCI Direct and set up the most successful entity within the Benelux region. Apart from his sales skills, Mark is very well equipped with technological and conceptual knowledge and he uses his people management skills to get all minds aligned to go straight forward at full speed.

Bjorn Heisterkamp, Business Unit Manager, LCI Technology Group
worked directly with Mark at LCI Technology Group